Sunday, August 22, 2004

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaack

Haven't been online blogging for a while .. It has been over two weeks that I have written any thing .. I have come to realise that it is only on weekends that I am able to dedicate some amount of time to the "deep" thinking needed to get on with such serious activity .. since we had friends come over last weekend, there was a small sabbatical .. but now I am back .. especially since we do not have any friends / relatives scheduled to visit us for at least another month ..

Anyway .. Whoever reads this .. let me know what you think of it .. shall be more regular with posts from now on ..


Sunday, August 08, 2004

Sandgroper?? Who exactly is Sandgroper?? or more precisely, what is a sandgroper?? what sort of activity is groping sand?? If questions like these are arising in your brain, then WAIT!!!

The name is just a nickname .. Apparently it is an Aussie nickname .. I don't even know if it is an authentic Aussie nickname, since it was given to me by a computer program, which would give you an "Aussie" name when you enter your name... Of course, it is important to note, that the whole program was such that it had a database of about 5-6 names only.. So there must have been quite a few Sandgropers in the world.. And no, this is not a forum for those of us lucky to have this nickname to interact with each other .. This is me, Chirag Panjikar, venting my thoughts, aspirations, dreams, frustrations at the world .. if no one is interested in reading me, or my thoughts, I honestly dont care .. I shall carry on writing stuff that I feel like, how I feel like ..

I have always had a dream of writing .. My favourite activity in school was the English Composition .. As an idealistic 13 year old, my dream occupation was to be a journalist .. that probably had more to do with the fact that reading the newspaper in the morning while on the shitpot was so fulfilling, that I had the dream of supplying other lucky souls with the same feeling while reading my writing .. Somewhere down the line came the realization, that if there are people reading my "works" while in the john, that would also give them a chance of flushing it down .. And that would hurt my massive ego .. Also, along came the muse called Reality and the fact that writers, journalists and other members of their ilk, do not make enough money .. As a "worldly-wise "16 year old, I figured it is much easier to follow the current and get into the rut of scientific education.. To cut a long story short, here I am, a qualified engineer, still with the keeda of writing something that will make people nod (some people at least) and at the same time, not be able to flush it down the toilet .. I am new to the world of blogging .. and there will be goofups along the way .. but I will survive .. At least I can read what goes on in my mind ..

That's enough BS for now .. Until later,




This is me.. Sandgroper.. This is a new experience for me .. Hopefully as time goes by I shall get better at this and write more coherently.. Till then, you (and I) shall have to bear with this "hi-ok-bye" kind of stuff ..

Anyway, hope to be writing in a lot more about me, in the days, weeks, months, years to come..

Signing off for now,