Monday, May 23, 2005

It's been a while

It's been a while since I wrote something .. In fact it's been so long that I had forgotten my login info .. Had made another login and was going to start a new blog, but decided to give it a final shot.. Really .. Mother promise .. and got it right .. now I don't think I shall forget my login info ..

I should be a lot more efficient in writing now .. especially since I have made a promise to myself to start a hobby .. I don't have a hobby other than watch TV, movies or surf the net .. I will be 27 this year and if I don't start something to enjoy, then I probably will never get the time .. One of my regrets was never being able to write something that others can read .. so decided to write .. And got deadly inspiration from an unknown person .. Somewhere in this world there is Rebecca, who saw one of my initial posts on this blog and was kind enough to put in a comment that my writing does not suck .. Thank You Ms. Rebecca .. If I become a published author, I shall be ever in debt to you .. (and my family and friends and the editor and the publishing house and the research facility etc.)

Anyway, summer is catching up in SoCal .. You now sweat by just taking a walk in the park .. which was something I just did .. Time to take a shower ..

Later people ..