Thursday, May 03, 2007

Astrology Rocks ..

"So, I have a personal question to ask you.. Do you believe in sun signs?"
This was the question that came on Google Chat from one of my friends. Luckily he allowed me to blog my answer instead of chatting it out, since it really is tough to speak about it one-on-one. I had to log out almost immediately, so I don't know the motive behind the question. But since I promised I would blog about it, here goes.
Personally, I don't believe in sun signs or astrology for that matter. I think I had written about it sometime before, but I am not sure. Cause and effect is a basic rule of science. Based on this, I cannot explain the effects caused by planets, stars, moons, and other celestial beings. I really cannot. I wear a sapphire ring on my index finger, and things have gone well ever since I started wearing it. That is for a fact, and you could say I can attribute it to the ring which "neutralizes" the effects of some plantes. It helps some people and harms some other people.  One thing I absolutely cannot understand is the concept of numerology. The reason I don't understand it, is that by changing the way their names are spelt in the Roman script, but not the traditional Devnagari script, it suggests to me that it is a Western concept. But I have not met one person outside of India who has changed the spelling of his / her name. I have met loads of such people in India and numerologists seem to be only in India. Shouldn't they then change their spelling in the Devanagari script? Why not just change the name instead?
All that is true, but I still cannot figure out why, and therefore I cannot really say that I believe in it. People have faith in some things, and in this case, I do not have faith in astrology. Some people call it science, some people call it a fraud. But really, I cannot say anything whether it is either, since I really cannot pass judgement on something that I really don't know much about. It's like asking me about modern art. People who have seen it, believe in it tremendously. I have never had exposure, so how can I say that it is crap?