Sunday, July 01, 2007

You go to orkut, and you have many friends... One of them is honest enough to write that "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" is his favorite show.. This brings out a wave of nostalgia .. You click on the auto link to see if there is a group somewhere.. There must be one.. but what comes up is a whole bunch of people who have this as their favorite show.. All's fine till here..
However, what got me intrigued was how many of these people were located in Kolkata / Mumbai / Delhi / Chennai / B'lore / Pune .. In other words, India.. As far as my knowledge goes, the show comes in an international edition on CNN once a week.. It's not as much fun as the original, but you can make do.. But the international edition is definitely not in the league of Frasier / Friends / heck, even the O.C. So it got me thinking.. 
Does the Daily Show come on a different channel daily or are these guys just aping the west by randomly putting channels? 
I would love to see the former as an option .. but I get the feeling it is the latter..
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