Sunday, July 15, 2007

Things I think I think..

-- It's very difficult to blog consistently.. Yes, that's the first thought that comes to my mind .. I have a solution now to my "oh-that's-bloggable-but-where-the-fuck's-the-computer?" conundrum (part solution so to say), but let's see how long it goes. I try as far as possible to write stuff.. I know I even have a stretch goal of writing a book, but I doubt that's going to happen. Blogging is the best that I can do under the circumstances.. But it's got to a point where all the stars have to be aligned for a good blog to come out .. I read Words (by the Unabashed Chocoholic) and I get all jealous on how she can write with such beauty.. I make a "sour grapes" note to myself that she's been to some creative writing class .. (and she does poetry) .. But the fact is, I would love to write like she does (I bow to Thee, O Master of the Good Blog), though her stuff at times has too much X-chromosome for my taste.. (that's not a criticism by the way, dear sis-in-law)

-- I am seriously considering organizing a Non-Cooperation Movement against Pune's auto rickshaws. I am going to do it. They are rude (not all.. some are nice) and do not hesitate to take advantage of the passengers. It is an economists dream to deal with the rickshaw waalas. Hardly any body now goes by the meter. Kids / Techies from out of town have spoilt them by agreeing to their demands.. All while a majority of the Ricks are now LPG operated and therefore the fuel cost is considerably reduced.

-- I don't miss the television. I now only see it when I go to my parents place or D's parents place. There's nothing to watch.

-- One thing I miss about LA is the restaurant variety, and the concept that every time we would go to a new place, we would come back pleasantly impressed. That doesn't happen here, because there's hardly any new place to go to!! There's a lot of new places to eat out, but having been old Pune residents there's a hesitation to go waste your money on something so ludicrously expensive. Since we were new to LA, we really had no old baggage

-- I was really saddened by the London bombing suspects.. Probably more than the train bombings in Mumbai last year. In the Mumbai case, there was a feeling that it was still uneducated brainwashed folks doing this. But here's absolutely educated human beings doing stuff like this. One is a PhD is Computational Fluid Dynamics, something so grandly difficult that I have no idea how the guys in my office do it, they show me their simulations and the cool stuff, but it still goes over my head.. (and they are just Masters graduates).. I won't be surprised if we (in our organisation) had interviewed this gentleman, given the fact that we are always looking for people with good educational background and with exposure to the western work culture.. It's obvious to me, that the current mode of tackling this problem is not working, since it's not stopped at all, and if anything there's more of this every day..

-- I have never said it in public, but now I do. George W. Bush is incompetent. Nuff said. Why would anyone believe in democracy, if the best that the US can come up with is him?
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