Monday, February 02, 2009

Things I think I think - Hopefully 25..


I've kind of challenged myself to come up with 25 things to think about.. no other reason, than Anand had 25 things.. He's a professional writer .. Not fully professional I think, but he has published a novel.. That makes him a pro writer.. If I can write 25, I can at least say I have the potential..

I wish 30 years were not so long.. I'd love to go through them again but it's just too long.. So, if one were to ask me, if I'd do it all over again, I'd say only if it can be done in 45 minutes.. I have a meeting at 4..

Writing is tough.. Especially when you challenge yourself to write.. There's a quote I read somewhere once.. "Where were the critics when the paper was blank???"..

Life came full circle recently.. I wrote a recommendation letter for someone for admission to graduate school in the US.. Two guys actually.. And both have got admissions to at least one school.. SO, I have some contribution to this you can say.. Which means if I really apply myself, I might get someone to read a story of my own..

Facebook is fun.. But I wonder how long it will stick with me.. I have a 7 month itch so to say.. As usual, like most of the social networking sites, you end up meeting more people from the past 30 years.. But, once the fad part of it goes, I really really doubt I'd be on it this time next year..

Chatting with old friends these days is tough.. Honest.. Those who are better of than me, hardly get a chance to write back.. Those who aren't are the ones online.. And I feel mighty guilty for being doing well.. So, I assume that those who're doing better than me are not writing back, partly because they feel guilty themselves..

I really wish I could swear more often in public.. There are times when swearing in public is liberating.. I can't swear or write obscenities here.. Too much of a "family" audience if you know what I mean.. I need like a secret blog or something.. Anyone with a better idea??

I think I shall make this a 3 part series.. It's easier that way when everyone has gone to sleep..

So "jor se bolo.. Mata ki Chowki.."

Kya Chirag pahunch paayega apni manzil tak??? Kya Tata Indicom dega uska saath?? Kya koi usey vote dega election mein??

Dekhte rahiye... "Things I think I think"..
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