Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Poem of a Non-Poet

You hate them at first,
Especially the good ones..
They don't rhyme, you can't sing along.
As every kid knows, poems should rhyme. They better rhyme!!!
If it doesn’t have similar sounds, it's not worth the time..
(See.. Even I can rhyme with time)
But then you grow up.
Rhymes are childish.. What's the point, you say, of forcing words on to feelings just because they ought to sound the same?
And then you hear Bachchan..
The son
And the father..
The son reciting the father's poems..
And it sounds as if you're just listening to someone speak..
Someone with a great voice
And a way with words..
And you realize, as the Chocoholic once said,
You've been a poet all along…
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