Saturday, April 04, 2009

How to increase viewership of your website

This has been a question in my mind for the longest time. I have tried everything from dava to dua. I have my blog mentioned in my email signature. I have created an AdSense account, tried couple of different layouts, tried to put up a counter of the viewers 1000+ in the last 8 months.. Not bad, but when you find out that possibly 500 of those are you checking if someone has commented, that means there are very few people who bother to come back.

But nothing worked..

So, I said I shall try saying I am contesting the election.. To stir up some interest in my blog more than anything else. We all know how that ended up. Even my wife was not sure if she would vote for me. So much for manipulating the public.

But there must be something.. Something that can increase viewership and participation on my blog.. So, I have decided to do what rediff does..

Say bad things about the BJP.

I have nothing personal against it, I only want more people to see my blog and write on it.

Why do I think this will work?? It seemed to work for the Economist so it might work for me.

The BJP has so many supporters on the web, who are so passionate about the party of old people that minor hint to their "communal" aspects stirs up a debate unseen on the site. People call each other names and write long letters..

Hey.. might work.

FYI, at the time of publication, this site had 2640 hits as of 4/4/09. Let's give a week's worth of hatred to all main political parties, and see where we stand.
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