Monday, May 11, 2009

Parenting 101

She cannot walk,

Can barely stand..

But if crawling were an Olympic sport, she'd definitely make it to the medal round..

She practices crawling on the bed, you see..

Crawls right to the edge..

Turns back to see where you are..

You know she won't try to dive down..

Or will she??

She'd get hurt.. She shouldn't get hurt..

But she doesn't know that..

Will she or won't she??

She looks back again... Looks for you specifically..

You know if she gets hurt she wouldn't try it again..

And it's not like she'll get seriously hurt.. The bed is barely a foot above the floor..

Do you let her try the dive??

Do you let her get hurt??

Do you take the risk??

The number of times you correctly answer that question, would be directly proportional to your success as a parent...
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