Monday, August 24, 2009

Change... is a good thing..

Something I saw a couple of days ago told me that the India I grew up has changed forever. The almost Victorian faux morality which existed doesn't any more. It just rears it's ugly head once in a while, when politicians feel like they are getting a little too irrelevant.

And what happened??

There's a bus stop outside Wadia College that, as I write this, has a Durex ad adorning its billboards. It has a girl with a book in one hand and her boyfriend's hand in the other. The tag line says something like "I Live in my Jeans, I Love in my Jeans". It's not that the ad means that there is fundamental change in Indian society. It's just that not a soul has been scandalized yet. Marketing wise, I think it's the best thing to do.. I mean, college kids in India, are probably most in need of a pack of condoms today. I guess many people realize that, and so no one has raised a stink. And this (a condom billboard outside high school) is something I have not seen in the US either.

Don't know why I found it interesting, but I did.

As Dylan said, "Times, they are a-changing"
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