Friday, October 30, 2009

The Grapes are, for want of a better word, SOUR..

Decision Making Avoided :)

Their Loss..

I never wanted it so bad anyway. Had I tried real hard, I'm sure I would have gotten it..

Heck, it's only for people who are confused about what they want to do anyway..

But these are excuses. Recently I applied for something which, had it worked, would have had the potential to change my career forever. Had applied on a lark, but when I did get shortlisted, I must admit I had my hopes up. The damn thing was expensive that I would have required additional loans and liabilities. But everyone I asked, agreed that it was a small price to pay..

But I didn't get through. Just got the result today.

Based on your interview performance and application ratings, we regret to inform you that you have not been selected.

At some level, I feel relieved, yes. It has indeed saved me from lots of tough calls and decisions. But, I do feel a little light.. Like it would have been better if I had got through, and rejected it, so that I could be proud of it for the rest of my life.. But I got rejected, so I do feel a little sad.. So, I'm trying to console myself

Just let me be for the time being...

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