Friday, December 31, 2010

10 Things I think I think - 2010 Edition..

10. I don’t know if I would be able to get to 10 things..


9. Contrary to what everyone seems to say, the level of bureaucratic corruption has reduced in my opinion. You might have your scams and your riggings, but the corruption that the common man had to endure is slowly, but steadily, reducing. For someone like me, interactions with the government (booking rail tickets, paying taxes,  heck, even getting a passport approved) were areas where I would have to pay some “commission”. Yet, each of these things I have done during 2010, without so much as leaving my house, and more importantly without an “agent”. Corruption exists, and exists everywhere. But it exists in situations where one party is completely dependent on the other party for something. Call it RTI, call it e-governance, but the level of dependence that I, an average citizen, had on the welfare state has reduced in the last 10 years. Ergo corruption has reduced. Even for that matter, the scams that are coming to light, is a good thing. It means that someone is watching.


8. I think a lot of the problems in the world would just be solved if people would just not mistrust people. Don’t trust someone blindly, but don’t mistrust them either.


7. I think Cheteshwar Pujara should bat No. 3 in Cape Town. Rahul Dravid should go to No. 6. 14 years ago, Dravid moved to No. 3 on the tour to SA. Changed Indian cricket for the better. Time to do the same before Dravid is subject to a Ponting-like witch hunt. Pujara at 3, gets the freedom to settle in, knowing that his getting out doesn’t mean the tail is to follow. The blame for the collapse would not be on him. Here’s an interesting stat: Pujara scored just 29 runs in Durban, but batted out 175 minutes. Look closely, that’s probably more than what Kallis, Tendulkar and De Villiers did (maybe even put together). Put Pujara at 3, and let him have Sehwag and Tendulkar on either side with Dravid and Laxman to follow. Will make a major change to his style.


6. It’s been a while since I have done the Things I think I think feature. I should do this more often. But somewhere, I feel there is very little incentive to think. The more you think, the more everything looks like a façade. You are told what to think, and everything is catered to that. Everything is now a marketing gimmick. Everything is fed to you, and everything is the truth. But there is no avenue to question, to discuss, to dissent, to change your opinions in the face of new evidence..


Thinking is passé.


5. Indian cinema needs good comedy. The last good comedy I saw was Khosla ka Ghosla. All other “funny” movies are the cinematic equivalents of laughing loudest at your own jokes..


There I said it.


4. Come to think of it, but probably India on the whole needs a good comedy. A “Flop Show” for our generation.


3. I still feel like crap for not having started work on writing a book. Maybe next year. Fingers crossed. Maybe I should blog more in fiction. That should get me in shape. For all of 2010, I have only 25 (or so) posts. So probably I need to improve on that too.


2.  Contrary to what might seem from the above points, I am still pretty optimistic about India. That’s the good thing about this place. There is a different vibrancy that you cannot help but feel that we’re on the verge of something special here.


My only worry is that no one will stop to think about it till it’s too late.


1. I’d like to wish anyone reading this a Very Happy New Year. Almost certainly not everything you plan at the start of the year will go as per plan.


But then this is not the time to think about it J


Have a fun filled 2011.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Praying at the temple of Che..

You know if he can play out 2 sessions today, he’s set for a long innings..


You know he knows that too..


You know he’s the best guy to do it..


You know he’s better than Suresh Raina..


You know he’s better than any other 23 year old currently playing cricket in India


You know he’s probably better than any other 23 year old currently playing cricket anywhere


You know he’s already scored more than Sachin & Rahul combined.


You know he’s CHÉ..

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Do you wish to have Koffee with Karan?

Cross your heart, tell the truth.. You really do, don't you?? You'd love to be on TV, in glamorous outfits, speaking with Karan Johar, on matters of critical importance such why you don't like that so and so..

Chances are, it doesn't matter..

I hate to tell you this, but no matter what the channel tells you, unfortunately Karan doesn't want to have "Koffee" with you..

Not because you don't have an interesting story, or are not good looking, or are really funny and have a great ability to connect to people..

But more because you aren't in the film industry.. More importantly, you aren't successful in the film industry... Most importantly, you aren't successful right now, nor do you have a movie to promote nor do you have an autobiography coming out in the market..

So, the question is, shouldn't the show be called "Karan wants to have some Koffee with someone who has a hidden motive"??

Though to be honest, I am not quite sure I want to spend my Sunday evenings with someone who doesn't know how to spell Coffee..

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Random Rant against the Times

So apparently, the question in yesterday's TOI poll was something like this:

After sub-continent's flat pitches, will S. Africa's pace-friendly pitches test India?

89% said Yes
11% said No

And this is not a post to ridicule the 11% who actually believe that the Indian Cricket team will have NO problems on South African pitches..

The first thought that came to me was How many people actually responded to this poll? Nowhere in the entire "article" is that mentioned.. It probably doesn't matter as such. The TOI sells about 2 million papers everyday and has probably double the number accessing the website. So my guess is it could be 89% of a million who believe this.. That's what, 890,000 people???

Or it could be that out of all the poor souls who actually felt like bearing with, only about a 50 or so responded and 89% (comes to about 44??)..

Or it could be 50 Times of India employees who are trying to do what their boss asked them to..

Could someone sitting on the fence on a particular topic, be swayed this way or the other, if he/she finds out that 890,000 people think one way, and only 110,000 think the opposite??

Would that person have the same thought, if he found out that 37 people think one way, 5 think the other way, and the remaining 999,948 really don't care???

The cricket question is not the point..

The point is the Times of India is an important institution in India. Such impromptu opinion polls have the potential to influence public opinion, for or against a certain position..

And considering the TOI has done away with the standard etiquette of dating their articles, and also mostly tends to completely disregard the concept of "conflict of interest", that could be a tiny possibility right??