Thursday, March 24, 2011

The more things change....


A game that we all have been waiting for and dreading..

The World Cup Quarter Final..

Defending champions against the hosts (and supposedly the favorites)..

A game where the team we loathe is playing the team that can do no wrong..

A game which (We’d like) would be the last game for one of the most hated characters in this part of the world..

But a character that we know is probably one of the best we’d ever see..

A game between two teams who fight hard, as hard as it can get, on the field, but are pretty chummy when they get off it..

A game, that thousands of Indians would brave the March afternoon sun to watch..

A game that should all goes well, kids would say for years to come “I was there…”

If it doesn’t, a game that we won’t look back with regret..

Instead, just shrug our shoulders and say, “Well.. If you lose, you might as well lose to them!!!”


Naah, 1996 ..
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