Monday, April 25, 2011

An open letter to Mr. Rahul Gandhi - Honorable Member of Parliament..

Dear Mr. Gandhi,

I write this letter neither as an admirer nor as a critic. I don't think I can even say I am a concerned citizen of this country. I am not a supporter of secularism, nor of right-wing communalism, or nationalism, or communism or any –ism for that matter.

I am merely curious.

You say all the right things, and you try to do all the right things. You go to the villages unannounced, and ride local trains and do all the sorts of things that we do not associate with most politicians of this great country. I was particularly pleased to see you sit in the stands at Mohali with your mom. I heard someone say that you try to do all this feel the pulse of the country. Someone, who I think doesn't support you or your party, also cynically suggested, that you think of yourself as a Crown Prince in a democracy. I, as mentioned, neither have praise nor contempt for this.

Just curiosity.

About your intentions.

About your motivations.

Above all, about your sincerity.

Here's why I am curious. You say all the right things, and do all the right things, and act in the right way. So, I would like to say that you're the real deal.

But how can I forget that you have the benefit of having a platform handed over to you? How can I give you the benefit of doubt, when your political party went from a disciplined, national unifier, to a self-serving, self-justifying, insecure, undemocratic unit which will do anything to get to – and stay in – the throes of power? How can I follow your call to have more young leaders join politics, when you are called a "yuva" neta at the age of 40?

It's not about politics, or corruption or anything.

It's about credibility.

And in my eyes, the party you represent has none. Ergo, you have none.

So I would request you, to shun this miserable set, which threatens to engulf you with what you can or cannot do.

Set up something of your own, by your ideals and your philosophies.

I will follow you.
Till then, so long..

Best regards.

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