Thursday, June 09, 2011

Things I think I think

-          It's been a while since I wrote anything on this blog, and a lot longer since I wrote what I thought I thought.. Blame for this is free and therefore universally distributed.. But it's a damp, dull, dreary June afternoon, and for a change the monsoons seem to be on time. The tinted windows are making this place even darker than normal, and it feels like it is 8.30 and not 3.30.. So, with a cup of tea next to me, I write.
-          I have come to realize, that the more I write on this blog, the more personable I become. Call it therapeutic or whatever, but writing what I think (or rather what I think I think) seems to relax me. It's my way of showing some emotion, and it therefore helps me keep myself in check. But I don't (normally) blog from work, and I don't (normally) sit on the computer at home, so this becomes somewhat complicated. Facebook & Twitter etc, are not quite the same thing. MORAL OF THE STORY: if you want me to write more, hope for such a dreary sky in Pune more often J

-          It's close to half the year gone, and my New Year resolution (hope, actually) of writing a book is about half a paragraph in the making. My latest excuse (to myself, of course) for not writing is that I fear I will be so engrossed in the whole writing bit, that I would become my lead character (who that is, I have not really thought of) and start acting all weird in real life. Most of my inspiration and ideas come to me when I am driving, where it is neither practical nor safe to write.

-          The flavor of the month seems to be corruption as it was last month, and the month before, and the one before that, and also in January and February. I personally find it somewhat hypocritical for me to criticize the corruption in India, when I myself have contributed to it whenever it has been suitable for me. And the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that the ones who have been arrested for the various crimes will not be convicted. Not because they're not guilty, or because they wield power and those in power go scot free. But more because it is very difficult to prove the crime that they have been arrested for.
-          Let's take Mr. Raja's case: The current money trail doesn't lead to his bank account. So, he could very well say that he never benefitted personally from anything. The money trail leads to the family of their dear leader. If anything, Raja is guilty of perjury where he swore on oath that he would be loyal to the constitution of India, but instead was loyal to Mr. Thalaivar (or whatever it is that the old man in dark glasses is called). But he's not charged for perjury, is he?
-          …And which politician not named Gandhi, Thackeray or Advani can confidently say that he wouldn't do the same?
-          As for Ms. Kanimozhi, or however it is that her name is spelled, a contract between two legally constituted company isn't illegal unless the money by either party is laundered to / from something else. Unless they can actually prove that the money was laundered, there really is no case. Maybe there was some laundering done, but I don't think she is being charged for money laundering.
-          As for Baba Ramdev, Anna Hazare et al, I really don't think it is worth my time and my virtual ink to spend time discussing about them.
-          Fundamentally, we are not into taking responsibility for our actions. It is never my fault. It is my neighbor, my chai walla, my kaam waali, the guy at the traffic signal, the government, Barack Obama, God, that have made my life so fucked up. It is not my fault, it cannot be my fault. Don't you know, I am never at fault? It's your fault that you are even thinking that it is my fault. Me and Sachin Tendulkar are the only two things in this Universe which are completely blameless. Trust me. 
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