Friday, July 15, 2011

Dear God...

Dear God,
I like criticizing people. And the jobs they do, and the decisions they make.


I like to sit by my computer and my mobile phone and send Facebook updates and text messages as to how XYZ is not doing a good job.


One of my specialities is to take spoken lines out of context, especially from news clippings on YouTube and sharing them as my status update.


And then call her names


And faking outrage, is just sooooo much fun, You know?


How would You know? You're up there, where nothing goes wrong.


Even though my grandma told me that You know everything


I am sure you don't know that I don't like taking responsibility.


It's my little secret, one of many.


It's not fun to take responsibility


Even terrorists don't take responsibility these days,


They don't want the 72 virgins anymore.


Responsibility is what Spiderman's grandfather wanted him to take.


And look what happened to him, he died in the next scene


My grandpa, You bless him, never told me anything like this.


So, pretty please, with a cherry on top,


Make sure that I never come to power.


I am never part of the government.  


I am never a boss.


And if I ever do, I know who to blame..


And You can then read it on Facebook.

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