Sunday, September 18, 2011


... you read the books that you want to, rather than those that you HAVE to..
    or read books at all,

... you respect what you do
    and not your job title.

... you think enough, to not react,
    and not enough to judge those that you meet, 

... you listen to, and not just hear, what people have to say,
    and believe only what you've verified yourself,

... you tell the truth, as you know it, every single time
    with little concern for the consequences,

... you don't have to justify your actions
    "Because everyone is doing so"

... you live in the present but for the future,
    spend more time in the here and now, rather than the there and then

... your only regret is that you don't have one,
    and your proudest achievement is yet to come..

... you spend time thinking about people who spend some time to think about you,
    and have that one special someone that you cannot lie to.

... you think of your childhood and first up is a smile on your lips
    and think of your parents and friends and all those who have helped you get here. 

... you do something for a living, 
    and yet that is not all that you do in your life

... you enjoy yourself 
    but can face yourself in the mirror every single day

As I once read, 

And most of all - my dearests,
your father will die a happy man!!! 

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