Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's (probably) all about the money...

Nations are, for want of a better phrase, primarily created for identifying revenue payments.

This piece of land here pays India its taxes and that part over there pays it China, and there over the mountain, is Pakistan, though India believes that the people there should be paying them and not the guys in Pakistan… Or something like it.

There’s nothing relevant as such about land boundaries outside of this. Culture, language, religion etc. are all conveniences created by us to further symbolize the common revenue generation module.

And if you look at it, at some levels our behavior is reflecting this irrelevance of nations and the leaders of these nations.

In almost every country, across the board, the common sentiment is that life has never been worse. Yet almost every country, is at a standard of living that is better than ever before in recorded history.

You might think that the earth is unable to handle the 7 billion, that it houses (or will house around this time next year). But that’s not quite right. The earth is quite able to handle 10 billion people.

It’s just the world as we know it today will be unable to handle 10 billion.

In a global world supposedly brought together by technology, nations as we know them, are becoming irrelevant. If we can work out a common revenue generation model for the world, most of the problems in this world could be solved.

And it's not like it isn't happening. It has already started. 

Take a minute to think back on your life. 

Where you are today, is probably not where you were 10 years ago. 

Where you are today, is almost definitely not where you will be 10 years from now. 

If money knows no national boundaries, why should we? 

John Lennon was probably 50 years ahead of his time.. 

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