Friday, March 09, 2012

What are "Friends" for????

A couple of days ago, I was scrolling my Facebook wall, when I came across a random comment made by someone as a status update, on the state of the country and how every one currently in power was to blame for it, or something like that. The contents don't matter, but the statement was devoid of any use of factual data, and seemed like it was made purely with the intention of getting a few "likes" from the writer's friends.

Since such statements bring out the debater in me, I couldn't resist. I commented something on the lines of how the entire argument didn't make sense to me, since the data which I was seeing was completely different from what my friend seemed to be implying. He commented, then I commented, then he commented again, and then he commented again..

At which point I lost it..

But I could not bring myself to write that my "friend" was being a blistering idiot..

Which is when it struck me as to why Facebook is so popular, and yet seems so shallow..

That's because everyone is so fucking nice with each other!!!

(Sorry, no other way to put it.. )

No matter what you do, you cannot bring yourself to write something bad about someone who is your "friend" on his "wall" because that will make you look like mean. If it were in person, you would have told the guy whatever was on your mind, and settled your differences. But here, everyone is just so nice. More importantly, it's my theory that it's this requirement of being nice to your friends, that makes you mean to people who are never going to be your friends (Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Tendulkar, Shah Rukh Khan, to name a few). And your friends will never tell you that you're being stupid, they'll find your comment funny, and so they'll like it for some weird reason.

Look around you.. There are people you like, and there are people you don't like. And then there will be people you like, who will do things that you don't like, and when they do things you don't like, you will make sure that you tell them so. When your friend is being an oaf, it is your moral duty to tell him / her, in no uncertain terms that he/she is being an oaf..

That's what makes you a true friend..
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