Sunday, July 09, 2017

The Farewell

So there we were.. Two of us..
Walking about a mile..
The mile we didn't want to walk..
But we had to..
For many years ago, a promise was made.
I want to see the Pacific ocean once in my life, he said,
Or if I can't make it,
take my ashes
Like that Nehru, who apparently
Was taken all over the country
at least that's what they told us in school.
You live there, you can do it as your dharma.. ..
Half in jest, I'd said ok
And here we were, with the ashes, walking that mile..
On a glorious day.
The kind that would make you
fall in love at first sight with the ocean
There he was, in a tiny container,
One that he had got Lindt chocolates for us in.
and we, Nikhil and I, bent over
To let him see and feel the water that he so wanted to see
The water entered the container,
and slowly he became one with the ocean,
Almost as if old memories were being renewed,
And then, with recognition done
Came out a huge wave, the largest that day,
Took everything, the ashes, the container, the memories along
As if to say, "Old friend, what took you so long?"
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