Sunday, November 30, 2008

10 guys took India hostage over the last week.. The only good thing that came out of that is that Shivraj Patil resigned..

So how do you avoid this from happening again??

Some folks advocate handing the cops more power.. Let them catch people on suspicion or presumption..

Guilty by association would become an acceptable result..

It wouldn't be so simple would it??

Something I always wanted to ask George W.

If the terrorists don't like the way we live, and want to attack our freedom, how come we're acting like them??

If we're acting like them, then how come we're winning??

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Etiquette ATKT

Should you take it as a compliment, if someone copies your out of office message and cut pastes his name and telephone number?
Not that it matters, but a lot of people do it.. Somewhat similar to the copy-paste customization that occurs during festivals on the SMS messages that float around.. It bugs the *&*( out of me..
It bugs me that they didn’t take the time to write a message indicating that they would be unavailable.
It bugs me that they would rather use a readymade message and reverse engineer it to suit their needs..
It bugs me that I did all the "hard" work and they piggy-backed on it..
It bugs me that they don't really mean what they say, because in the end it's what I meant to say and not them..
It bugs me that they beat me to it!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Work Life Balance sheet

Believe it or not, I turned 30 a few weeks ago.. The journey went roughly like this..
0 - 3 --> Learning the basics.. Talking, walking, eating, toilet training and the like..
3 - 6 --> Pre-school… Not really that important in the grand scheme of things, except that had I been bad at it, I probably wouldn't be writing a blog right now.
6 - 18 --> Primary school, middle school, high school .. Also called basic education.. Already, based on statistics, I belong to a privileged class.
18 - 22 --> (Milestone) --> Probably the most important thus far.. Engineering college.. Something that most people dream of.. Could be broken down into 2 phases..
        Phase 1 --> The most almighty struggle imaginable.. Makes one question everything from science to core human beliefs to doubts about the existence of a fair God in Heaven above
        Phase 2 --> Piece of cake.. A cake so good, almost regal.. King Midas type.. Touch everything, turns to gold.. People think you're the next coming of Einstein.. Found someone to spend the rest of my life with..
22 - 23 --> A year off.. Also worked as a software programmer.. Really don't remember much there of it.. I'm told it was work.
23 - 25 --> Masters.. Of what?? Who cares?? A Stanford degree puts me in elite company.. The specialization doesn't really matter..
25 - Present --> Spent in a job.. Some job or the other.. Just a job..
The scary part is that the last line could last another 30 years..