Saturday, February 28, 2009

Look Ma.. I made it to the Financial Times!!!!!

This is my post on Jan. 24.

On a lark, I also sent it to Tim Harford at his Undercover Economist blog on the FT site.

And... Looks like I made it to question of the week.. ..

He found my question so intriguing, that he even referred it to the Oxford expert on the economics of corruption..

This is possibly the most exciting thing that has happened in a long long time.. I feel like a teenager who shook hands with Obama, like a rock nerd who met Metallica, like a sports freak who has Michael Jordan's autograph..

Ok ok not all that much.. but close..

No one ever published my questions / comments before.. That was one of the main reasons for starting this blog..

Who cares what he actually wrote in his reply!!!

PS: Those of you who are in search of something logical in life, Harford's Logic of Life is heavily heavily recommended..
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