Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sandgroper's Election Manifesto

I know I promised that my next post would detail what I would do as MP - Pune, and I promptly followed it up with a picture of people believing in evolution..
What can I say? If I want to be a politician, I better learn to break promises..
And you better learn to live with it..
OK… So, here's the situation..
We know the election dates are not out yet.. So, it's pointless to decide what I would like to do once elected, right?
But it is definitely useful to chart out a plan.
So, I am going plan. And the plan goes thus.
Every day, I shall write a "policy document" on what I would do on the topic of the day. So, for example, let's topic #1 is Pune Traffic. What I would do to improve it, yada yada yada..
It's easier this way. I only have to think of one topic a day, for one. People can give me their inputs on what they would like to see me address at priority for another.
Also, it would give me the chance to forever tweak my election campain manifesto.
So, keep watching this space.
Tomorrow's edition: The Ground Rules of the Sandgroper Election campaign.
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