Monday, April 13, 2009

Are you a proud Hindu??

I am actually..

Regardless of the fact that I don't quite understand the logic of a God most of the times. What I do like about Hinduism, is that it is not forcing you to do anything.. You want to eat meat on Ganpati day, go ahead. You don't want to, no-one's forcing you to.. There's no self-styled expert in Hinduism, who I HAVE to follow just because he has read some books which I haven't..

As they say in the business world, there are no rules, just guidelines.

But articles like this one tend to dilute my pride in being one.

It's not what is written that bugs me. Dogs bark and journos write. It's their job to write. But it's the tone. It's one of anger and hatred. It's one of taking yourself and your so-called Gods so seriously, that you put down others. Even putting them down would be fine, but reading this, can someone tell me how this writer is any different from the "neocon Christian right", or the Taliban or any of the other hatred spewers of the world? I am debating whether by putting his article on my blog, I am only giving him encouragement. But since I have to denounce him, I have to link to his writing.

Anger leads to hatred. When a majority shows tendencies of hatred, genocides happen.

And responsible journalists go scot-free.

Side Note: I didn't know this, but apparently Sanskrit and Hawaiian are the only two known languages which do not have a word for religion. Shouldn't that give you a hint?

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