Sunday, April 12, 2009

Things I think I think -- Election edition

- I know I am not contesting the election, and I thought I had made it clear that I wouldn't be, but I got a call this morning, from an old friend from my college days asking if it was true that I was contesting. Which means, someone reads this blog after all. I think I ought to do something about it.

- Now, all the obstacles for my candidacy for the next elections have cleared. The only thing I didn't have on my political CV was nepotism and family history of politics. No more.. My mom's elder brother is indeed contesting the Lok Sabha elections from Pune. His symbol is the torch, so request everyone to take a look at the candidacy of Dattatraya alias Deepak Talgeri. You're in for a fun ride if he were to win.

- Why the BJP / NDA ought to win -- Your "enemy" has presided over the scariest terror attack in the history of the nation, has ruled during the times of the biggest global meltdown in the history of the world barring the Depression, has lost its base support base in the biggest states, doesn't hold the power in any of the major states barring Rajasthan by itself, and really has no dynamic leader barring one, though a dynastic choice, who has said he doesn't want to be the leader. You ought to win, right??

- Why the Congress / UPA ought to win -- You led the country through 5 years with rampant growth despite support from Communists, your policies ensured that even during the greatest trough since the Depression, the economy is at 6% growth, you had to deal with terrorists, but at least you killed them all, and not released some, your leader is a renowned economist, your rural sector growth (roughly 60% of the electorate) has been enormous over 5 years with employment guarantees and proposed national pension schemes. You probably deserve another try (without the Communists this time)

- Why the Third Front ought to win - I don't know. Why Not???

- Why any of them don't deserve to win -

The BJP has no one beyond Advani, who's 81 years old. He says he's 81 years young, but I don't want to hand over my country to an 81 year old. I am not discriminating. I don't want an 81 year old running the coutnry, just as I don't want a 22 year old. And as long as the BJP cannot get to 272 by itself, Mr. Modi is going to remain in Gujarat. He won't even become sports minister, so they do not have another PM. I'd take Rahul Gandhi over Rajnath Singh any day. That, and that they have hijacked my blog with their crappy ads..

The Congress doesn't deserve to win because it is the Congress

The Third Front doesn't deserve to win either because it is simply too regional with too many regional heads figuring in there. It's never going to go 2 years, let alone 5. In times of austerity, I'd rather vote for any of the other two combinations so that we don't have to go through this entire cycle in 2011.

So who deserves to win??


And my uncle..

And all independents..

Because they're the reason why India is truly the greatest democracy in the world..
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