Sunday, November 22, 2009

Things I think I think

- It's been quite a while since I ran this feature.. Partly because I hardly get the time to jot down a series of thoughts, and more so because I am now on Facebook and Twitter so whatever I think is normally out. But you could say that your first love is your dearest, so I guess here I am back.. There's some sort of restriction in Facebook & Twitter (not necessarily limited to a limitation on the number of characters). I guess it has something to do with it being so public.. I mean, I really doubt that many people read this blog (regardless of the shameless promotion I do, on Facebook no less) so it is somewhat a bit more of my inner thoughts than FB..

- I shall be in the US again next week. 2 years and counting since the last time I visited the place. One could actually say that the last time I traveled to the US, GWB was president, the US economy was strong, Iraq was looking like a quagmire and Afghanistan was the winnable war. It also reminds me how much I hate being in airports. It's part of the job I know, but an airport is by far the loneliest public place. I am now so used to being in company, that I hate being lonely. The only place I like (or prefer) being lonely, is when I am writing this. So you get the picture..

- I think every morning one should wake up and read the newspaper with a cup of tea / coffee in their hand. Unfortunately the quality of the Times of India is such these days, I'd rather surf the net with my tea. And I do make it a point to visit The Random Thoughts of a Chaotic Being - a blog by Vivek Sharma. I landed on this chaotic site purely through a case of mistaken identity. There was an ex-colleague known as Vivek Sharma who was also an IIT alumnus. These two guys share a very similar side profile (at least I think so) and so I selected "The Chaotic Being" as a friend.. My ex-colleague is nowhere to be seen on FB, but I now have a friend and a poet / philosopher to boot.

- Last night watching TV, I finally found the Hindi movie I am going to make. I am going to remake Bad Santa with Nana Pateker in the lead. I just find the movie waiting to happen...

- Every once in a while, when work is shitty as usual, I decide I am going to give all of this up, and take up a new profession. I decide to be a writer. I have a story in my head, and have Chetan Bhagat as my idol. I have never read a word he has written, and to be honest my wife says he writes closest to trash, but hey, he has a presence. And if he can, I can. Then I go to bed, wake up the next day and go to work. Unfortunately the cycle continues.

- I think Sri Lanka missed out on a great chance to win their first test in India. They had no business scoring 760. On a track like that, there was no way they were going to get 20 Indian wickets in the amount of time they had. They should have declared it at about 100 plus lead. If Prasanna whatever can score 150, you think you're going to get a lineup like India's out twice in India in 130 overs??

- That's it for now. I am now back writing, so I hope to write more in the coming days. Hopefully for some time you will see my thoughts and not stray links that I'd like to share..


BlackNeutral said...

A tinge of loneliness is essential sometimes, for we get time to look in to ourselves, know a little more than what we think we know about ourselves. And there are a million things you can do to make life a little more interesting, peaceful and worth living. After all we chose our road. Discover yourself in more ways you could ever imagine!

Anonymous said...

Long time... keep it going...