Monday, December 28, 2009

I shall not be misquoted.

Kotla shame..


3 idiots is a rousing success..


N.D. Tiwari resigns.. Probe on..


Ex-DGP gets 6 months in jail…


These are some of the headlines I have been reading in the papers today.


Honestly, does any of this matter? Why are our newspapers and TV channels and internet media all giving us crap to feed off?


Has the fragmentation of the information media left each bit member of society with a channel of their own, and they don’t have a common conscience?


Is that all we need?


A voice, a public voice, that is the conscience of today’s society?


Can this be that voice?


Would someone listen if this is that voice?


Would anyone even bother to listen?


Or is it just a media hype?

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