Sunday, October 02, 2011

Things I want to do before I'm done

According to the data provided to the World Bank,  the average life expectancy of an Indian male is around 65 years as of 2009.

All this means to me, is that in a few weeks, I'll certainly be starting the second half of my life (!!!!!!!). Life is going to be all downhill from here on..

So, it probably makes sense of all the things I want to get done before I am done.. Presenting, in no particular order.

- See the birth of my kids  DONE ALREADY..
- Master Malayalam
- Make a visit to Lord's and Wimbledon.. and the MCG..
- Write a book
- Contest the Lok Sabha elections
- Complete a course in economics, ideally something to do with Game Theory.
- Have a library with at least 1000 books, the kind you see on TV in a lawyer's office, with a "branch" in my toilet.
- Run a marathon
- See Olympics and / or World Cup football first hand.
- Take a motorcycle road trip

These may be bloody easy to achieve, you may think.

But they're not. If they were, I would have done them already, no?

Will you help me? 
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