Friday, October 21, 2011

Whatever happened to the phrase "I'm Sorry"????

"Corruptio optima pessima ~" The corruption of the best is the worst.

-      Latin proverb

And so it is on this note that I start this post.

Really, I have no expectations of morality from the Rajas, Marans, Kalmadis, Chidambarams, Ambanis of this country.

None. Zero. Nada. Nyet. (or whatever)

To get to where they are today, they have had to trample on someone, and ensure their own practical ends are met, whichever way possible.

And even if that involves basically laundering money for political gain, or getting kickbacks for favours.

It is we, given our good fortune of decent men and women in politics in the past, believe that our political leaders should be human beings with unimpeachable integrity.

It is our folly that we hold such naïve expectations of people who are essentially representatives of the people.

But I have my heroes, the kind I look up to, and would like my kids to follow their examples.

The Kiran Bedis and the Anil Kumbles of this world. Human beings, but different from the rest.

Individuals I have utmost respect for

People who have achieved something, in spite of the odds.

Even a whiff of impropriety on their part, hurts, and hurts bad.

Especially, when they accept that what they're accused of is a fact.

But I could let it go, you know. I really could.

All they have to say, is "It was a mistake / misjudgment on my part. I wouldn't accept this behavior if done by someone else, and so you shouldn't accept this act done by me. I am sorry."

That's all you need say, Ms. Bedi (and Mr. Kumble)

It's their defiance and justification of their acts, that really makes me wonder, whether it is really worth having expectations of propriety from someone else.

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