Monday, November 07, 2011

Reserve & Deserve

There's so much injustice in this world, no?


Reservation, nepotism, corruption, God knows what else.


I mean, merit ki koi value hi nahi rahi..


Life has become so unfair, I tell you.


People get all the things, which in a fair world, they have no business getting.


Just because their dad is rich, or their birth is in a certain caste


Or rather, other people get everything, and they don't deserve a bloody cent.


And I, poor I, don't get anything that I should get, given all that I deserve.


I remember, when I was studying, I studied so hard, all night and day,


Busted my ass out, and some idiot with 15% less than me, got the seat I deserved so dearly.


All because he was born to his father, and I to mine.


If only, I'd been in his place, I'd have gotten that seat in that prestigious college,


And I'd have gotten his life and maybe he would have had mine.


I'm told he's today somewhere in the US, earning in dollars


I'd have been him – a legal alien on an H-1.


And not a citizen of my country, doing something I love.


I'd have had a different wife perhaps and my own little ABCDs, growing up unsure of themselves and their parents


But not my own two little darlings, nor my soulmate.


I'd have been someone else, if life were as fair as they told me, it would be


But if it were, would it have been something I would have liked to live??

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