Friday, December 02, 2011

Things I learnt when I went back into a classroom

-      A lot of your interest on the subject being taught depends heavily on the professor. But even more depends on you. If you don't pay attention in class, you will almost definitely not maintain interest in what is being taught.


-      A good way to pay attention in class is to maintain eye contact with the professors.


-      Another good way to pay attention in class is to pay the fees through your own pocket (or your nose)


-      I realized that my intense animus towards the morning shave would be described by most economists as "Diminishing Marginal Utility".


-      If I try that line of reasoning with the wife, I stand at risk of being a victim of some other Diminishing Marginal Utility myself!!


-      Accountants are historians. My respect for these historians, who record the passage of time in terms of money, has gone up by orders of magnitude when my damn Balance Sheet refused to tally


-      It went up even further when I realized that for centuries, they did their magic without MS Excel


-      Analyzing data is easy. Interpreting data is a completely different animal.


-      Mentee is a word in the English Language.


They say a day has 24 hours. Over the next 21 months, I will find out very closely if they speak the truth.


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