Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Poem of a Non-Poet

You hate them at first,
Especially the good ones..
They don't rhyme, you can't sing along.
As every kid knows, poems should rhyme. They better rhyme!!!
If it doesn’t have similar sounds, it's not worth the time..
(See.. Even I can rhyme with time)
But then you grow up.
Rhymes are childish.. What's the point, you say, of forcing words on to feelings just because they ought to sound the same?
And then you hear Bachchan..
The son
And the father..
The son reciting the father's poems..
And it sounds as if you're just listening to someone speak..
Someone with a great voice
And a way with words..
And you realize, as the Chocoholic once said,
You've been a poet all along…

Friday, March 13, 2009

Praise or criticism comes when someone exceeds or fails your expectations.
The difference between the expected and the actual, defines the scale of the praise.
Some times on an exponential scale.
But I do not have expectations of others. 
I do not control them, so I cannot expect them to act the way I would.
So I shouldn’t criticise others.
And I try not to.
Am I, then, a hypocrite to praise them?
But that's supposed to be my job..

The Elections are coming..

Just because I am not contesting, doesn't mean I won't cover the elections..

When Chiranjeevi is covered in the Economist, you know that the world will be covering it too..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sandgroper sees the future

I have seen the future of communication..

Where job interviews can be done face to face sitting oceans apart..

Where the boy doesn't have to come down from the US to see the girl..

Where your 3G cell phone is 18th century..

Presenting Cisco's telepresence..

Just wait till Ambani gets his hands on this baby..

Sandgroper Pulls out

There's been crap loads I have been wanting to write for the last so many days.. So here I am, going late to work and blogging instead.. (The late going is officially permissible, by the way).. But the point remains, I have been wanting to write so many things, about life in general, but have not been doing so...


Because I decided to run for the elections, that's why..

So, I have decided not to contest the elections..

At least then I don't have to worry about freely speaking my mind.. I don't have to worry about hurting someone's religious, cultural, linguistic, artistic feelings..

Not that I have no pride or drive to do something for my country.. I can do that without contesting elections..

Not that I have any closeted skeletons.. I pay my taxes and adhere to traffic..

But everything has a proper time..

And it is time to do other things right now.. Time to do what I do best..


Speak my mind..